Re: Internet and Gnome

It should be just the same. I used kppp for a long time with gnome,
until kppp didn't work when I switched isp's. The only thing
I had to do was stop it from docking in the kpanel when it connected.

There is also a gnome ppp dialup utility, which I'm sure is just
as good, but it doesn't work on my computer. Everything else is the
same. Although I have yet to find an gnome/gtk email client that
actually works well. But there are several.


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From: "JDW" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 03:02:46 -0800

>I am running Gnome with K Desktop Mandrake
>Venus (6.0)
>I have setup and have been using kppp with
>K and Netscape seems to work pretty well with it.
>Now I'dlike to start using Gnome and the internet.
>Can anyone point me in the right direction.
>Is it as easy as seting up a pppd  connection and
>logging on.
>A Gnewbie
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