Re: Achtung? Presentation software... wrote:

> Recently Havoc Pennington (sp?) circulated some slides of a presentation
> he made somewhere. In these, he mentions an application called Achtung
> which is apparently a gnome app for creating presentations.
> I can't find a reference to this software anyplace other than on
> these slides, so... where can I get it? And if I can't get it, can
> anybody suggest another presentation creation app (other than koffice
> KPresenter)?
> (I seem to remember Havoc saying that application MagicPoint is needed
> to view the slides, but you can read the file ok... where can I
> find MagicPoint, and is it a gnome app?)
>         -Duncan

Magic Point is NOT needed to view the slides, Achtung provides it's own
viewer (magic point is
quite limited, especially in areas such as bonobo).  I have shown interest
in developing for Achtung in the past; however, due to school and (IMHO)
unorganized code I haven't done much except play with writing a Lightwave
object importer plugin which was based off of someone else's work.

Eric Windisch

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