Re: Problem compiling GnoRPM 0.9

James Henstridge wrote:

> I only read part of your message because it is in HTML and I find it
> difficult to read in pine :)
> This is a problem caused by an addition to librpm in rpm-3.0.2 which
> conflicts with part of gnorpm.  To fix it, install rpm-devel-3.0
> temporarily while compiling gnorpm.  I am planning to fix this in the next
> release.

I'll try that out.  Since I first posted, I discovered that the function
does exist in the RPM 3.0.1 header file, but obviously not 3.0.2.  Is
it that they took the function out?

> Alternatively, you could download an RPM from

For Gnome I completely went away from RPMs.  Ironically, it was trying
to install Gnome from RPMs that did it.  I found that the dependencies
were set so stringently that they would fail if I tried to update
anything (i.e. gtk+).  It got too frustrating because I couldn't update
anything without some failed dependency.  That and it seemed like the
pre-RH 6 rpms weren't getting updated.  But no matter--I prefer
compiling from source anyway--I feel like I know more about what's going
on, and it's easier to trouble-shoot.

> BTW, the majority of list subscribers do not like HTML mail (I would have
> skipped this one if I didn't read the title).

Ok, sorry about that.  BTW, thanks for the quick response.


> > <!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
> > <html>
> > I've been trying to compile GnoRPM without success for several releases.&nbsp;
> > I've got GnoRPM-0.9 sources right now, and all the latest non-CVS packages
> > installed.&nbsp;&nbsp; My RPM version is 3.0.2.&nbsp; Here's what I get.&nbsp;
> > Any suggestions?&nbsp; By the way,&nbsp;I also pulled down the RPM 3.02
> > source and couldn't find a function called rpmProblemSetFilter.
> > <p>Dan

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