gmc: How to redirect stdout/stderr to console window?

I am running GNOME Midnight Commander version 4.5.30 and have
a problem with output generated by applications launched from
with gmc. Where exactly does output sent to stdout and/or
stderr go?

I have modified my /usr/lib/X11/xdm/Xsession file so that
stdout and stderr are sent to the console:

   Old:  exec > "$errfile" 2>&1
   New:  exec > /dev/console 2>&1

   Old:  exec gnome-session
   New:  exec gnome-session > /dev/console 2>&1

and created a console window using the xterm -C command.

For example, let's say I write an application which writes
"Hello World" to stdout. If I execute this program from
a shell window everything works correctly...the output
is sent to the shell window. But if I execute this
same program from gmc, all that get sent to the console
window is the name of the program and some control
characters no output (that I can understand).

Is this a known bug in gmc or is my setup wrong? Since
gmc appears to be started by GNOME, I cannot explicitly
redirect stdout and stderr.

Thanks for the help.

John C.

John H. Chauvin jchauvin@netcom.COM
Netcom - Online Communication Services San Jose, CA

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