Re: gLyX to be included in gnome Workshop?

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 00:12:15 Svante Signell wrote:
> Hello all,
> After talking to  to Miguel (gnome) and Lee (redhat) during the LinuxWorld
> Conference, I'll try the gnome-list this time after recommendation.
> The task is to find people interested in taking on a project to
> develop a gtk-based front end to LyX.

I'd very much like to see this happen. I've written a couple of scientific
papers with LyX, and find it a very powerful tool.

I'd like to help out however I can, but pressure of work and lack of spare
time may limit my involvement. 
> Previous efforts:
> Sending mail to redhat: They responded that the concentrate on the
> OS and distribution.
> Sending mail to LyX development list: The LyX development team are most
> interested in developing the functionality tool itself, not the GUI.
> Sending mail to gnome-workshop-list: Got two interesting replies, but
> this list seems to be a very low traffic list, so nothing has happened
> yet.
> Motivation:
> In need for a GPL'ed WYSYWYG word processor I would like to propose
> LyX, a very nice front end to LaTeX. A recent TeX/LaTeX/pdfTeX/...
> distribution is teTeX, now released in version 1.0.x: 
> The only clue is that it currently only runs on top of the xforms
> library, which is not distributed with source code.
> A gtk version would be wonderful (gLyX). With a GPL'ed GUI toolkit LyX can
> be distributed by RedHat, Caldera, Debian, Suse, etc. together with the
> gnome environment. The people developing LyX are making it X-library
> independent:
> A version running on top of QT is already available (kLyX), usable in
> the KDE environment. However, if I'm correctly informed this version is
> based on an older version of LyX.
> Note that Lyx/LaTeX is to be seen as a complement to an integrated suite
> of tools such as Word/Powerpoint/Excel. Even if an MS replacement
> suite is developed, Latex is very IMPORTANT for example people writing
> books, scientific journals, longer reports etc, where quality of
> output is first priority. It will never replace tools making small brochures,
> short reports containing mostly text and graphics. Remember, the group
> of people needing such a tool as LyX is not as big as for desktop
> publishing, but it is very influential in society. Therefore do not
> neglect this market segment. Include it in the gnome workshop list!
> Hoping for feedback/comments/discussion.
> Svante Signell
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