Re: Ease of use (was Call for constructive user criticism.)

On Mon, Aug 09, 1999 at 06:50:29PM +0100, Iain wrote:
> > Ok, maby a requirement is not the correct word. Maby requireing that the
> > program has 2 interfaces. The programmer can then code the interfaces
> > him/herself or use glade if he/she wants.
>     But this is only easy with libglade. To do this by hand is rather hard.
> And there are very few benefits from this that I can see.
> > Yes, but, it would help out the computer people who dont know much about
> > computers. And the "slightly insulting" part will help people want to
> learn
> > the advanced stuff. No one wants to look stupid. :)
> People should learn stuff because they want to, not because the computer is
> treating them as a idiot.
> An insulting or patronising interface is possibly the worst thing you can
> give a program.

The remote control for my tv has two interfaces as well. Of course I'm
using the advanced one, but I know several people with the same type
of control who use the easy interface. I don't see where this is
insulting or patronising, and the easy interface is helping lots of
people in making better use of their television.

You can also say that gmc is the easy filesystem interface, and the
command line is the advanced one. I don't think people are insulted
unless you somehow prevent them from using the advanced interface.


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