Re: GNOME Usability Improvements - Fix the window manager!

* James M. Cape ( [990806 18:30]:
> Tom Gilbert wrote:
> > > Gnome-ppp could ask the user for the root password first.
> > > Less dangerous than a newbie doing a su and fiddling with files in /etc.
> > 
> > And so users who are not admins cannot use it???
> > 
> > Don't forget, not all systems are single-user systems, where the user has
> > access to the root account.
> The sysadmin can make the pppd executable -rwsr-x--- owned by root.dip,
> and add the users who should be allowed to run it to the dip group.
> And obviously, gnome-ppp should not prompt the user for root permissions
> if it doesn't need it.

I am well aware of setuid. I know that pppd should be setuid root (the
dip group is optional, depending on your setup), mine is. I was only
warning against an app that would not function without a root

What about [drumroll....] instructions?

If Gnome is taking on the responsibility of providing an environment
for users to work in, often fresh from other OSen, maybe it should
give some guidance on how to do common linux tasks, instead of just
Gnome stuff.

That would prevent many FAQs, and help steer people in the right
directions early on, preventing future problems...

Perhaps the Gnome-help window that pops up when you first log in (the
default session) could have a link to basic Linux info. Its pretty
useless at the moment (IMHO), as a new user doesn't understand half
the things it refers to, and its far too basic for a hacker.

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