Re: needing information

On 1 Aug 1999 11:11:59 -0400, jack wallen, jr <> wrote:

>where i can get a description of
>what individual packages actually do.

Looking in the source tree, reading the description that is in the .rpm
(spec files are included with the source trees).

>for instance:  what does gnome-core
>do? i can make my educated guess but i'd rather have either 'quotables' or
>'documentables'.  i've looked through the gnome help system and couldn't
>find anything on what the 'core packages' do.

Interesting subdirectories in gnome-core source tree:

help-browser: help-browser
panel: panel
applets: applets
gmenu: menu editor
gnome-terminal: gnome-terminal
gsm: GNOME session manager

-- Elliot
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