Mounting with Amiga (was: mounting/unmounting devices for newbies)

Word from the Amiga newsgroup is as follows.  It is refering to a standard
floppy drive.

     The DiskChange signal gets activated on any machine, it's a
     hardware thing
     with the floppy drive itself. Windows uses it, to actually figure
     out if
     you've changed the disk, and so it doesn't just read a directory
     out of
     it's cache or something, from a previous disk.

     It's up to the OS to figure out what to do with it. AmigaOS must
     have polled
     the drive every so often. Windows doesn't do this, presumable
     because the
     Floppy disk/label doesn't have to appear on the desktop.


Implementing this would acheive almost equivalent function as receiving a
disk change interrupt from more advanced devices.  It would still lack
ejection protection, but that's a problem that will never go away.


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