Re: Gnumeric: compilation error

Norman Stevens wrote:
> The version of orbit-idl as compiled from the latest
> CVS source of ORBit generates Table.h without the
> declarations of _ORBIT_GNOME_Table_OutOfRange_marshal
> and _ORBIT_GNOME_Table_OutOfRange_demarshal which
> are required by Gnumeric-skels.c
> The version of orbit-idl compiled from ORBit-0.4.3.tar.gz
> does generate the required declarations in Table.h.
> Obviously something has changed in orbit-idl.

If it's a bug in ORBit, perhaps we should notify Elliot of this issue. If
it affects only gnumeric, well, shame on me for using CVS tree... :\

	bobo rajec

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