Re: Have I messed myself up?

> gtk+-1.0.6  or something even though rpm told me i would be breaking a
> lot of dependencies.  i did this because i think i was having trouble
> installing a never gdk which was one of the rpms that i got with the
> gnome Base files.  Before I figured out my problem i RPMed everything
> with the --nodeps option and got it to work.  Now gnome runs...but I am
> wondering: will all the dependencies on the old gdk be switched to the
> new one?  or am i going to try to run something and have it fail?
> also, could i have seriously messed something up by using the --nodeps
> option?

Removal of gtk+-1.0.6 breaks the GIMP and control panel. You can
download and compile a newer version of the GIMP (after removing the

> Thanks,
> Scott Webster
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