Re: Gnome style guide

On Tue 20 Apr, Michael Rogers wrote:
>  In most cases the safest option will be "Cancel". How about making 
> the default button the one which is most convenient for the user - in 
> most cases "OK". This avoids having to switch from keyboard to mouse 
> to select the OK button, or alternatively having to Tab/Alt-Tab 
> around the dialog until you stumble across the "OK" button.

Hmmm.. Dialogues with words like OK and Cancel really do come
from the school of bad User Interface.  Buttons should be labeled
with a purpose.  What does OK mean?  Better to have a Cancel / Save
pair of buttons for example.  Worst case ever, which is far to common
are the Yes/No/Cancel options.  Whats the obvious difference between
No and Cancel??

Kevin Pearcey

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