Re:Windows show in top-left corner with no title bar

Hola Andres!

>I installed the packages from the Red Hat CD mentioned in the getting started page
>(gsl, guile, xscreensaver) and then installed all the RPMs.
>The only required package missing was enlightenment, so I downloaded 
>version 0.15.5 (along with enlightenment-conf) and installed both
>RPMs as well.

>Then I wrote a .Xclients file in my home directory:
>exec gnome-session
>## End File
>When I run startx, the desktop appears, as well as the panel. The panel
>and the main menu work fine but any window opened, gets docked to the
>top-left corner and I can't move or resize them. 
>Besides, every windows shows no title bar.
You are missing the window manager. You can do two things:

1- add enlightenment & before exec gnome-session in your .Xclients
2- start GNOME, open an xterm and type enlightenment &. Next time you start GNOME, enlightenment will be started as well

Better to do (2)

buena suerte

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