Re: Can gnome/Linux talk to a Microsoft Network ?

On Wed, 21 Apr 1999 wrote:

> the only way i know how to do this is with 'smbclient' or 'smbmount'
> it would be sweet if there was something similar to the 'network
> neighborhood' But I don't know of anything that does it.
> Does anyone else?

This was mentioned on this list recently I believe, but since people are
asking again, I'll mention that I'm part of a group that will be releasing
something similar to this next week or the week after (we have to
wait until after we get graded before we can go public with the code :)

also, I believe that gmc has a vfs for smb in some stage of development.
One problem is that I believe that only Linux supports mounting smb
drives, though the Samba group claims they are working on something that
would be cross-platform.

We have a web site, though it has very little there, just a short
description and a few crappy screenshots put there to show one of our
partners what stage we were at, anyways:


Christopher Rogers      Stevens Institute of Technology

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