gnome-terminal not closing after "exit"

Just a few minutes ago, I noticed that my gnome-terminal windows no
longer closed automatically after I exited the shell. I'm pretty sure
that this wasn't the case originally because this highly unusual behavior
would have caught my attention right away. I tried deleting my
~/.gnome/session file, all the gnome-terminal-a* file, and finally the
~/.gnome/Terminal file. None of them helped.

Interestingly enough, running gnome-terminal by itself (without
running gnome-session beforehand) in KDE does result in gnome-terminal
behaving correctly--i.e., the window goes away as soon as I'm done
with it. So it has something to do with Gnome<->gnome-terminal
interaction, although I haven't the slightest clue what that may be.

I'm using the precompiled Gnome RPM from Apr 14.

Shimpei Yamashita               <>

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