Re: gnomepager_applet leaks memory

Owen Taylor wrote:
> "Mark B. Turner" <> writes:
> > mine crashes the whole panel if i try to change the properties on the
> > second tab with the gnomepager config applet. Gnome-libs-1.0.8 and
> > core-1.0.5.
> Upgrade to GTK+-1.2.2. The tarballs have been on
> for a couple of days. I just put them on
> as well, which will hopefully reduce confusion.

Thanks, I will try it. However, I found that after rm -rf ~/.gnome* and
startx, if I add the gnome-pager before any other gnome component
crashes, I am able to set the properties successfully.

> Regards,
>                                         Owen
> [ Hmm, Since when has been
>   "Gnome ticket database" ? ]
It popped up when I hit Reply to All. I don't know where it came from,
it's not in my address book??? 

Mark B. Turner
"What is the difference between Windows and a virus?
 Viruses rarely fail." --Unknown

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