Re: Writing a GNOME mail client.

Hello Mr. Kacar,

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:04:39 +0200
Drazen Kacar <> wrote:

> SQL is almost always an overkill. Please note that relational data base
> and SQL are not the same thing. I think there is no mention of word
> `relational' in the SQL 92 standard, for example.
> SQL is just one language which can be used to manipulate data in a
> data base. Unfortunately, there is no alternative, due to historical
> reasons.
I agree with you. The proposed client has to support only one type of
database.  It is far more efficient to write query in the database's
native API.

> Wheteher a data base (relational or not) is needed, doesn't depend on
> a mail (or messaging) system alone. If any kind of data base goes in,
> it should be powerfull enough for all applications which might want
> to use it.
Do you mean that the database also has to support metadata format? I
am not disagreeing.  I just think that metadata support in a database
warrants a separate, in depth discussion of its own.


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