Re: CDDB over HTTP support now in gtcd

There also seems to be a as well, which doesn't give as much 
info as the  I don't know which one has a larger database
though (I think they both use the database from before the licence
changes).  I can't make the change to the default for gtcd, since I don't
maintain the program.  Tim P. Gerla ( is the maintainer,
and if a default like that is going to be changed, you will have to
convince him (I got permission before adding the http feature for

I got the information about the http access method from the cddb website,
but never saw any licence information (not even a click through one, or a
licence at the top of the protocol document), so I don't think the code is
bound by any of escient's licences.

One thing I don't get about the escient licence (about not using any other
cddb-like data sources) is, if the cddb host is configurable, what should
the author do?  Check to make sure the hostname is

Since gtcd is GPL'd, I suppose in principle we should be supporting  I only wonder about the size of its database in comparison to

James Henstridge


On 17 Apr 1999, Raja R Harinath wrote:

> James Henstridge <> writes:
> > If you wanted to use the cddb functionality of gtcd to get track listings
> > but are behind a firewall, try checking out the latest CVS version of
> > gnome-media.  I have added support for using cddb over http (including use
> > of an http proxy).
> > 
> > In order for it to work correctly, you will need to install libghttp (the
> > gnome-http module on CVS, or the libghttp and libghttp-devel RPMs).  After
> > that, just configure and make and install the gnome-media package.  On the
> > CDDB Settings page in the preferences window, click on the use http check
> > box.
> I guess the next change will be to default to rather
> than -- here's why (from the freedb page):
>         As Escient has been changed the terms of licence for accessing
>         CDDB, some programmers complained that the new licence
>         includes certain terms that threatens them in a way thay
>         cannot accept: If you want to access CDDB, you are not allowed
>         to access any other CDDB-like database (this one, for example)
>         and - while accessing the database - the programmer has to
>         ensure, that a CDDB-logo is displayed (Funny sidenote: One
>         programmer told me, that his cd-player will be banned if he is
>         refusing to display the CDDB-logo. His software is a
>         console-based program (it does not produce any graphical
>         output) for blind people...).
>         Always being able to choose is one of the advantages if the
>         internet. If Escient forbids the use of other sources now, you
>         can easily think of things coming next...
>         Furthermore, many people submitted the information without
>         charging anybody and they thought their help would remain
>         free, because the initital licence was GPL (see:
>         for more information on GPL).
> I couldn't verify the license first hand, but a search on /. will
> probably give you enough info.
> - Hari
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