Re: Size of the panel

>The source code for the panel has a hardcoded minimum size of 48 
>pixels. The icons for the button arrows are only the arrows 

So they are - my mistake.

>To change the height of the panel, you must recompile the panel 
>source changing all references to this 48-pixel minimum (I believe 
>that variable is set more than once for some reason).

I wonder if this is an arbitrary figure?

>The trick becomes not only resizing all your icons, but changing 
>non-icon panel applets to use the smaller minimum size (e.g., the 
>pager, the clocks, the mailcheck, slashapp, etc. etc. etc.

I don't think this would be very useful for most applets (clocks would 
become too small to read, etc).

>I have done some work on this, but have not pursued it too actively 
>since I have so many other things going on at the moment, and since 
>the source tree is in a feature freeze.
>The author of the panel code has also mentioned he's planning on 
>incorporating the ability to vary the height of the panel in the 
>Gnome 1.1 effort.

I think an option to change the size of launchers might be more useful 
than an option which shrank (?) all launchers and applets. Applets can 
incorporate an option to change their height if they think it's useful 
(I think the mini-commander does this).

 - Michael Rogers

Speaking for me, not for Intel. Mostly because I don't work for Intel.

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