Re: Size of the panel

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Mark C. Langston wrote:
> > From: "Michael Rogers" <>
> > 
> > >Is the panel size configurable? I would like to
> > >have a panel with half of its actual height, so
> > >I would have more screen area for applications.
> > 
> >  The panel grows in height to accomodate the tallest applet embedded 
> > in it. If you create an empty panel it's only as tall as the resize 
> > button arrows. Try making copies of the icons used by all your 
> > launchers (including the background tiles) and shrinking them in Gimp, 
> > then change the properties of your launchers so they use the tiny 
> > icons and tiny background tiles. Maybe the panel will shrink to the 
> > height of the new icons - only a guess, I'm afraid. Better would be an 
> > option to use menu-style mini icons on the panel - I guess Gnome is 
> > automatically resizing the menu icons, so why not do the same for the 
> > panel?
> The source code for the panel has a hardcoded minimum size of 48 pixels.
> The icons for the button arrows are only the arrows themselves.  
> To change the height of the panel, you must recompile the panel source
> changing all references to this 48-pixel minimum (I believe that variable
> is set more than once for some reason).

It used to be a 48 pixel minimum.  It now has a 24 pixel minimum.  It's
set with the #define PANEL_MINIMUM_WIDTH line in gnome-core/panel/panel.h.

Best of Luck,

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