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Setting the the path to my /opt/enlightenment/bin directory solved my
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>> Tri wrote:
>> >
>> > Gnome is not listing any windowmanagers in it's window manager tab
>> >in the
>> > control-panel. Why?
>> > I have enlightenment 15.5 installed.
>> I got the same problem, i'm using gnomelibs 1.0.8, gnome-core 1.0.5
>> and control-center-1.0.1, and even i dont have anything shown up
>> when using control-center-1.0.4.
>> did I miss anything?
>> any clues would be greatly appreciated :)
>You haven't missed anything out. I assume you both installed from RPM,
>as I don't think the problem arises with tarballs, although I'm open to
>correction on that one. There's a bug in the control-center SPEC file -
>the line which should tell rpm to install the .desktop files for the
>Window Manager control-center capplet is missing. It has been reported,
>with a fix, but I assume our developers have been too busy on other
>things, and it hasn't been done yet.
>Anyway, here's how to fix it:
>Create a directory <gnomeprefix>/share/gnome/wm-properties
>(where <gnomeprefix> is the directory under which GNOME is installed)
>Get a copy of the source tarball, and untar/unzip it. Then
>cp control-center-1.0.5/capplets/wm-properties/wm-desktops/* \
> <gnomeprefix>/share/gnome/wm-properties
>Your problem should be solved!
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