Re: Session management

Like an option to "Save desktop on logout" that you could just uncheck. 
That would be sweet.


Allan Third wrote:
> Hi,
> This is really a reply to something post by Lars Torben Wilson
> <>, but I can't do it directly as I'm only on the
> post-only list at RedHat.
> He asked whether it was possible for Gnome to just "remember" your
> session intelligently, so that all windows come up where you left them,
> etc.
> I'd just like to add that I would absolutely *love* it if there was a
> way to specify a "canonical" session. I don't particularly like having
> all my xterms, gmc, gimp, etc. coming back up when I log in - I prefer
> just to have one standard session which is the same every time I log in.
> (Yes, I should just exit all apps before logging out. I do. Sometimes
> there are crashes, and then I have to rebuild my preferred session from
> scratch)
> Is there any way to do this?
> Thanks,
> Allan

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