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> Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 19:07:24 -0400
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> In message <KqRf$>, James Green writes:
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> | However, the author also takes note that Gnome has surpasses CDE in many
> | ways which is splendid as Gnome has only been developed in around 1/5th
> | the time. He points out that Unix pros are more likely to go for the
> | stability in CDE, but that newbies will go straight to Gnome.
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> CDE's biggest problem is that it's made up of components from four different
> Unix vendors who are normally trying to be as different from each other as
> they can.  I'm not sure they know how to cooperate to produce an environment
> that will work well on all of their systems --- all too often they'll be too
> busy fighting over whose components get used and how much of their APIs to
> reveal to the other members to actually *add* the components.

Look, CDE is dead; it is not being further developed.  It isn't competition
for anything, except being taken to the morgue.

The UNIX vendors know this...  Whether the CDE customer base has figured this
out yet isn't clear, but it will become so.  What life it had died with
the X consortium, and T.O.G.'s mismanagement. 

Never look back...
			- Jim

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