Re: panel suggestion

Not exactly related to the issue, but why most of GNOME Control Center
parameters aren't configurable by ordinary users?  I ca never make it
accept changes I make to Media settings, change menus, etc.  It would
appear reasonable to have a per user setup of most panel/GNOME
parameters inder .gnome/

Thanks. wrote:
> I think it would be most convenient to be able to add/move/remove items from
> the system and user menus directly from within the panel.  (IOW, integrate
> gmenu with the panel.) I'm not sure how intuitive this might be compared to
> having a separate menu editor.  Win98 allows this, but is it the right way to
> go?  Maybe having a separate editor just makes more sense.
> I do know it would be _very_ convenient and it would make manipulating the
> menus in the panel almost as easy as adding items to the panel is now.
> Cheers,
> Jason.
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