cvs gnome-libs error fixed ??

About 2 minutes ago I complained about a error in gnome-libs. After doing
some looking (haha about 2 seconds later) I noticed some weird print in
gnome-animator.h listed below.. Once I removed this weird stuff it worked
fine. Is there a reason its there ??

In gnome-animator.h

Lines 28-35 it looks like this:

--- Snip ---

<<<<<<< gnome-animator.h  
#include <libgnomeui/gnome-pixmap.h>

#include "gnome-pixmap.h"

>>>>>>> 1.3

-- end Snip ---

If I remove the <<<<< lines and the ==== then it works fine... What the
hell is this stuff in the .h file ??? 

Alex G. Paoli

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