Re: Problems with Balsa and a few suggestions

On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Michael A. Hess wrote:
>Richard Hult wrote:
>> I just compiled Balsa from the 980924 snap at It works a lot better than 0.4.5 but I can't get it to show new messages in my local mailbox. I have to exit balsa and start it again for new mails to display in the inbox.

I am very new to gnome and its suite but I like it very much. 

I was just going through the mailing list when I heard of the new snapshot of
balsa. I went and fetched it but there is no configure file there (onlly and the instruction says to run configure.

I guess I should do something to regenerate this file but I don'r really know
how (I am pretty bad about this autoconfig stuff). What should I do ?

Also, I tried to run balsa 0.4.5 but I didn't see any way (nor any docs) saying
how to use a POP3  server. Is there somewhere I could get some pointers ?


Philippe Moutarlier

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