Re: Respitory?

>>>>> "Tim" == Timothy Ritchey <> writes:

Tim> I was wondering if there has been any discussion about directory
Tim> services for central storage of information.

Yes.  This comes up periodically.

Tim> My grossly inadequate impression is that gnome simply relies on
Tim> NFS mounts as its client/server implementation

This is currently true.

In the longer term I want to replace the guts of gnome-config and
gnome-metadata with calls to a CORBA server.  This will result in
network transparency with no changes to application code.

Mostly this is just waiting for Miguel to say it is time.

In case it isn't obvious, LDAP users can write a bridge from the CORBA
interface to LDAP.  This implementation replacability is one of the
benefits of using CORBA.


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