Re: Respitory?

In a previous letter Andreas Jellinghaus [] wrote:

> i like the idea of a common api and storage format for configuration data.
> but important for me is, that config data is organized by concepts, not by
> applications. for example "mail from: content" should be saved as mail
> information, and used by all mail programs. saveing it as a balsa or mutt or
> ... config data is not good.

Ok, but I don't like it.
I want to know exactly what application I am fiddeling around with.
(or what component's behavour I'm altering)
I do not want another NT that does things whithout my knowledge...

But perhaps it's I that am odd... :(
... but do at least store that common configuration thingys in a known location, so that I can make backups...

// Liss

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