Re: Respitory?

> i like the idea of a common api and storage format for
> configuration data.

I was wondering if there has been any discussion about directory
services for central storage of information. I know there is work on an
LDAP implementation of something like NIS/YAP, and was wondering if
gnome was considering anything like this as far as user customization.
My grossly inadequate impression is that gnome simply relies on NFS
mounts as its client/server implementation (i.e. we are going to
magically assuming that our configuration files are where they should be
no matter which client machine you log in on). This has worked well on
several different networks I have been on, and I've never really seen
any problems with it. However, would it be beneficial to have some built
in directory services (i.e. LDAP)? Just fishing for thoughts.


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