Re: Respitory?

Nope, that's not it. People are talking about the CVS respository.

You can get more info at:


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From: Liss Svanberg <>
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Date: Monday, September 21, 1998 9:12 AM
Subject: Respitory?

>In some of the letters I've been reading, people has been talking about
>*The Respitory*
>Until today, this word didn't ring any bell...
>...and then it came to me: could this be an equalent to the Registry in NT?
><terrified scream>
>Perhaps I should begin with explaining my point of view, and the background
>of it.
>(So that nobody missunderstands me, thus preventing me from behaving like a
>jerk a second time...)
>First of all: I don't know a thing about The Respitory, because I've spent
>most of my time trying to setup CC* instead of examining Gnome, so if I say
>things about the respitory that isn't true, please correct me.
>(* CC is CodeCrusader, not CocaCola :)
>And now: Why does Liss dislike the registry?
>Actually, I what I dislike is the kind of registry that is global to all
>The global registry in NT (&W95) is a neverending scource of strange
>behavour, and occassional crasches if you plan to use your computer to
>anything more than word processing!
>In the older days, you had a setupfile togeather with the executable. This
>was your program, and if you wanted to modify it (say, move it to another
>harddrive, because you had run out of space), >>at least, you allways knew
>where to find the setup<<.
>When using NT, you will receive HellOnEarth(TM) if you would try to do
>anything like this, unless you are able to make your changes through some
>kind of installation program.
>- Why? Because NT programs are ALL (ok, allmost all) storing their setup
>parameters in ONE HUGE registry, at SEVERAL locations.
>Try find them all...
>- Why couldn't NT have a registry interface instead (a common DBserver),
>that you could use to manipulate different, program specific setup/registry
>I would allways know where to find parameters for a specific program, and -
>even better - in the case of a harddrive crasch, setupfiles on other
>harddrives would still work!
>I really hope that Gnome hasn't adopted the NT way, with one registry for
>all applications.
>I hope, that Gnome instead offers either a standard DBinterface or a
>standard script parser that programs can use for their own setup purposes.
>I hope, that this allso applies to applications that are considered part of
>the GnomeCore (administration tools, file managers, Baboon etc).
>Anyway; please, please, please ... at least try avoiding this
>// Liss
>"When in trouble, when in doubt,
>run in circles, scream and shout!"
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