ee and X problem

Hi everybody !
I'm new to gnome and I had problems with ee after having update it.
First my system is running Redhat 5.1 on a P200.
Electric eyes was working fine when I had the 0.13 version. I grabbed
the latest gnome distribution (0.27 except for gnome-network, I didn't
find it) and installed or upgraded my rpms. Now, when I'm launching ee,
I'm getting :

ee: error in loading shared libraries
/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: GTK_TYPE_GDK_COLOR

moreover, when I'm logging out my X session, I'm getting something I
didn't before:

** ERROR ** sigpipe caught
** ERROR ** sighup caught

What can I do ?

(please excuse my poor English)

GAUTHIER Sebastien
Ecole Centrale Paris

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