Re: aggressive computers (was: Word Processors)

Warren Baird wrote:
> I am fully in favour of having assistants and of having them on by default,
> as long as it's easy to turn them off (and that they never voluntarily come
> back after being turned off).

Makes sense, really. So on first invocation for a given user, the goofy
thing pops up, STILL NON MODAL AND OUT OF THE WAY, and asks politely if
I want the little dancing gnome to hang around or beat it. And then make
sure he never pops up again if I say to go away.

However, the cute characters presence/nonpresence should not have
bearing on whether or not the "You could be doing this a better way"
type help comes up -- that should appear regardless. Just make it come
from the assistant if it's enabled and have it be a simple text popup if

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