Re: How to keep windows from maximizing over the panel

I have an idea ....

to make the panel work with different windowmanagers which could be run
even during one session ..

each panel is in one more aditional xwindow .... by default that xwindow
is override redirect .... the panel looks for the xwindow created by
the window manager with the appropriate properties, if it is found
then the panel creates a new toplevel, sets hints on it .... reparents
the contents, destroyes the old xwindow ... the panel will watch for
destruction of the wm window, if it gets destroyed, it repeats the
procedure, putting the contents into an override redirect window ... (the
procedure would have a timeout on startup, so that we don't do too much
stuff in case the panel starts up[ before the wm does

does that look reasonable? (that would be given that the wm window exists
such as owen suggested)


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