Use Gnome!

So I was sitting here at work, working on getting my GnomeMaker site
back from the dead.

And I was thinking about ways to make it niftier (tm), and had a thought
of a set of CGI that could enable different sections of the web site
to be remote administered by different people.

(For those of you who don't know, GnomeMaker is my website about
getting Gnome and WindowMaker to play nice)  

Well, I was thinking it would be kinda nifty if we had a site devoted
to using Gnome with any WM... E, Wmaker, FVWM, IceWM, BlackBox,
etc. etc. ad nauseum.

I was thiking of calling it Use Gnome! .. finding interested people
who use gnome under each environment, and providing tips and help
getting gnome to be usefull under that environment.

Along with that would be mirrors of usefull FTP sites... like the
Gnome FTP site, and maybe the FTP sites of the Windowmanagers in
question.   (I allready mirror it would be 
a simple matter to mirror the others)  

At any rate.. before I took it any further than the idea stage, 
I wanted to know if anybody even thought this would be usefull as
a resource.  I certainly don't have the time to run all of this
as anything more than an Administrator, but I could certainly set
up a system where other people could add, remove, and edit content
files as they saw fit.  

Anyway.. tell me what you think.  If it's a silly idea and I 
should crawl back in my hole, let me know.  :)

BTW:  This may be slightly off topic for the list, so unless it's
more pertinint than this request (which isn't very, sorry) please
reply to me in private.



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Phone - 602-906-1752
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