Re: glib.h: g_rarray_append <-> ORBit

On Mon, Sep 07, 1998 at 07:35:34AM +0200, Philipp Grau wrote:
> Hi gnomes,
> [losts of stuff deleted]

This was a fault of mine, I did not check out ORBit with
the FOR_PANEL tag and and had some strange references to
mico-glue.h in some .deps dirs. But now all works


Some rules for comiling gnome:
- Read the mailing list!!!
- Thing about what you are doing
- checkout or update  with the right stuff
- Think!
- compile
- Read error messages very carefully
- Think again
- Read error again messages very carefully
- compile
- start gnome-session
- be happy

      Ph. Grau <> Technische FH Wildau
                     Wildau, Brandenburg, Germany

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