Re: gnome-core bombs mightily

On 30 Oct 1998, Michael Harnois wrote:

> Well, let's see. I'm looking at the HTML version of the FAQ, at
> Unless my eyes are failing, there is no third-level numbering. But I
> can count to 4 ... let's see, 4.4.4 would have to be "Do I have to do
> anything special if I don't use /usr/ or /usr/local/ ?" Doesn't apply
> to me.

Ok, calm down.  It goes to three levels in the ASCII version, but you
figured it out OK.

> Also, as I said in response to another message, I've been doing 
> this for some months and it just failed yesterday.

I've been doing this for over a year, and I have accidentally and
unknowingly nuked my .m4 files and cried about it on the list more times
than I care to recall.  It never hurts to check.  Plus, if you are beyond
checking dumb things just to placate the people trying to help you,
then maybe you should not be asking for help, non?

You seem to have a whole lot of errors in your post, so let's start with
one and see if we can track it down. variable `GTK_LIBS' not defined

You seem to have lumped a whole lot of errors in there together.  The
source of this error is wither that automake has gone crazy (unlikely)
or automake is not including gtk.m4 (likely).  Can you think of any
reason why automake would not be able to include gtk.m4?  Try doing the

	% strace -f autoconf 2>&1 | grep 'm4'

What do you see?

BTW, I'm far from an expert on just about anything, so if someone else
wants to jump in and give this guy better advice, please don't hesitate
to do so from fear of stepping on my toes; they are well calloused.

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