GTK+ themes

Anyone here know why the themes data directories are missing from
themes-gtk+ (yes, from the themes-2 branch before any of you mention it)?

Kind of a damper on themes don'tcha think?  A lot of people want GNOME
primarily for the themes support (I'm one of them...  DND really don't
mean much to me, and I'm so used to X that the whole thing "process
intercommunication" thing is kinda useless to me anyway...)

Just wondering if anyone here knows...  I'm not subscribed to the gtk+
mailing list, so if there's been an announcement there, could someone post
it here so the rest of us GNOME'rs would know?



"Yeah, I used to be into necrophelia, bestiality and sadism, but then I
realized I was just flogging a dead horse."

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