Re: can we please use branches?

> The GTK guys have done a great job of isolating everyone from the pain
> caused by adding themes.  Is there any reason we can't do the same for
> changes to, e.g., XML?  I'm not criticising, just wondering if we can't
> make these API changes without necessarily breaking everyone.

I do not understand Todd.  

Themes was done on a separate branch because it was going to cause a
lot of changes and because once they were done hackers were going to
do a second pass at the code before merging into the main branch.

The XML code in the other hand is not a matter of adding a lot of new
features taht eventually will ahve the same API, in this case the API
has changed, there is no brnach mechanism that would help fixing this.

And no, it was not possible.  I rather have a better and cleaner API
at the cost of breaking everything rather than having to maintain two

> On a related note, I am still having the same MC problem (SEGV) which I
> reported earlier.  That was off of a completely clean build, as in:
> 	  mv /opt/gnome /opt/foognome
> 	  cd ~/gnome/cvs
> 	  rm -rf *
> 	  cvs checkout gnome

try doing rm -rf ~/desktop and re-running gmc.  I do not know why it
is crashing, this area of the code is being reworked by Federico.


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