Re: Proposal for GNOME Developers' Guide

Here's an updated listing of the book layout.  Book #1 is totally different.  I
lifted the three parts in Book #4 directly from Federico's UI Guidelines
template in gnome-libs/devel-docs/ui-guide/ui-guide.sgml.  Plus some more
fiddling about.

What does everyone think?  Should I shuffle the book order around some more?  Am
I missing any other topics?  Should the Installation Internals section go in
Book #1 or Book #2?

Book #1: Fundamental GNOME
  Part 1: The GNOME Library (libgnome, libgtop, etc.)
  Part 2: GNOME and GTK+ (libgnomeui)
  Part 3: Installation Internals (autoconf/make, m4 macros, etc.)

Book #2: The GNOME Framework
  Part 1: Baboon
  Part 2: WWW libs (gnome-xml/dom/http, etc.)
  Part 3: Media (Imlib, ESound, etc.)

Book #3: Core GNOME Components
  Part 1: Panel
  Part 2: Control Center
  Part 3: Help System

Book #4: GNOME User Interface Guidelines (style guide)
  Part 1: Fundamentals of the GNOME user interface
  Part 2: User interface components
  Part 3: General development information

Book #5: ORBit
  Part 1: Intro/Tutorial (Getting Started)
  Part 2: ORBit Internals

Book #6: GNOME Language Bindings
  - gnome-perl
  - gnome-guile
  - pyGNOME
  - gnome-objc
  - gtk--
  - java-gnome
  - ??? (Dylan?  TOM?)

Book #7: GNOME Applications
  (echo structure of GNOME Software Map)


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