Re: Proposal for GNOME Developers' Guide

George wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 26, 1998 at 09:47:38PM -0600, John R Sheets wrote:
> > Book #1: GNOME Libs
> >   Part 1: Back End (libgnome, etc.)
> >   Part 2: Front End (libgnomeui)
> I wouldn't call this the "backend and frontend" ... I think of it more as
> the toolkit independent parts (libgnome) and the gtk based parts (libgnomeui)

I like your distinction better; it carries more meaning than front/backend.  Got
any ideas on what exactly to call it?

> > Book #2: Core GNOME Components
> >   Part 1: Panel
> you might wanna use the applet tutorial, it's in the panel directory in cvs

Yep, planning on it.  I'll use as much of the existing docs as I can.


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