Re: applets/dvorak/dvorak.c

Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> writes:

> [did this get through, or am i too offtopic here?]
> Hi,
> Tonight i made a rather braindead attempt to replace my tcl/tk
> keyboard layout switching script with a gnome panel applet:
> two radiobuttons that invoke my xdv/xqw scripts (that in turn
> do a xmodmap, of course).
> There'll probably be a real keyboard layout applet soon, so i
> don't expect this thing to be around too long, but at the moment
> it's just what i need...

Hmmmm, that should be a keyboard layout _capplet_.

An applet should be restricted to switching between a few
pre-configured layouts - which is a neat little hack.
> It kind of works now, but i have two questions: 
> * when i select another layout, there are lots of messages:
>       Gdk-WARNING **: xwindow(0) lookup reveals NULL
>  how do i fix this?

Wait a bit. The printing out of these messages a GTK+ misfeature that
has been corrected in one or more of the branches of GTK+.
(All your apps are getting a XEvent they don't recognize, and 


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