Re: RFC: Gtk + XML chroming

> > Well, there are two sides: yes, this is what the code partially does
> > below. Partially not: it sends "messages" to an object and that
> > could be implemented in C by
> > 
> > void receive_message(char *msg, char *param) {
> > 	  if(!strcmp(msg,"quit")) {
> > 	  } else if(...) {
> > 		  ...
> > 	  }
> > }
> you still need access to the actual widget (binding the widget with a
> variable in C) so that you can inspect the contents of it.  For
> example, when the "ok" button is pressed you want to pull out the
> contents of the inputs lines for say, the username and the password

Yes, but you don't need to know where in the hierarchy they are and
what they are, only that they have a get_text method. It could
even be possible later to overload that.

Also, I'm thinking of including some scripting language ability 
in the XML file: if it were possible to do small Perl / TCL / whatever
scripts, it would be possible to send the C part an array of springs
processed in whatever way desired. The only problem would be the introduced
language dependency of the XML files (we don't want another VRML 
Java/JavaScript fiasco...)


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