Re: Panel and applet properties won't get saved

(resend to gnome-list --- dumb typo)

Check for multiple panels running.  I had some *really* odd stuff happening
with my setup at home this morning... did a ps and found *three* panels
running.  I have no idea how it happened (well, I know where one of them came
from --- was still starting it in my .fvwm2rc from when panel was more prone
to dump core), and the result well and truly hosed my panel configuration.
Random applets were either dying or talking to the wrong panel instance, and
they saved their confusion as preferences :-(

brandon s. allbery	[os/2][linux][solaris][japh]
system administrator	     [WAY too many hats]
electrical and computer engineering
carnegie mellon university			   (bsa@kf8nh is still valid.)

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