Re: CORBA interface to gnome calendar

On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, Daniel Veillard wrote:

> > Does anyone have a document describing a CORBA interface for gnome
> > calendar?  I am interested in one that can be used to fetch data WITHOUT
> > connecting to the X server?  I didn't see any OMG docs with an interface 
> > for a calendar program.  If not, I am going to start writing an interface
> > and then will implement it in gnome cal.  Hopefully, this will allow only
> > one gnomecal process to serve all the requests, and if another one is
> > fired up while one is running we can just kick the nongui CORBA server to
> > pop up its window.
>   Oh, I would LOVE that, if you could just design the interfaces so that
> it could be used for global scheduling of multiple people agendas. 
> My dream would be something allowing both operation on a private agenda
> and on an shared agenda server for a Team of people. This would be
> *terribly* useful !
>   Daniel

I think that is beyond the scope of gncal.  I think you are looking for
something like Crosswinds synchronize.  As much as I would like to see a
tool like that I don't have time to write it.  But, your suggestion of
making the CORBA interface handle that situation transparently is well
taken and I will try to include it :).  I want to use this CORBA interface
to gncal to write a conduit for the Palm Pilot datebook.

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