Gnumeric & Python

I downloaded gnumeric, got it compiled.
The core app seems to work very nicely. 
It's the plug-ins I'm having the odd problem with. 
When I lauched gnumeric I got errors of the 
unable to open module file: /usr/local/lib/gnumeric/plugins/
 undefined symbel: rlcomplete

The problem is that my Python binary has various extensions compiled into 
it that depend on shared libraries; this one depends on the readline

I've hacked my plugins/python/ as follows:

-libpython_la_LIBADD = -l$(PYTHON_LIBS) $(PTHREAD_LIB)
+libpython_la_LIBADD = -l$(PYTHON_LIBS) $(PTHREAD_LIB) \
+                      -lreadline -lcrypt -ltcl -ltk -lncurses \
+                      -lgdbm

but that's only going to work for my particular set of modules.

Is this a known problem? Is a solution being worked on? I could probably
cobble together an autoconf macro or two to autodetect at least the
modules I've heard of... should I try this?

The perl module also doesn't load for similar reasons, but I know vastly
less about that.

Michael Hudson
Jesus College

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