Re: Please help! Background, key, mouse properties don't work (also , menu editing) writes:

> Hi folks,
> Ok, to clarify my situation, i'm having similar problems.  For me, the 
> keyboard- and mouse-properties programs seem to work, but
> background-properties doesn't--it hangs just as Preston describes...
> In addition, i can access and change the mouse and keyboard settings 
> within the "Gnome control center" but there are no other settings
> entries--no place for me to view/change backgrounds.  It seems to make 
> no difference so i commented-out all the *-properties programs from my
> ~/.xinitrc file...
> Can anyone provide the skinny on the *-properties situation?
> Many thanks from a new Gnome user and fan!!!

I think there should come a FAQ for this item, because i have exactly
the same problems and i either don't have a clue how to solve it.....

Arjan Scherpenisse,

pgp: 59 19 84 96 DA E3 2D 3B  35 46 56 84 B6 AE 97 93

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