working around system deficiencies (3rd try)

imlib complains about potential security problems if you don't have 
vsnprintf() and friends (e.g. Solaris), so I set $LIBS to pull in a library 
which defines them.  The configure scripts for packages that use glib fail 
after this, because they all assume that glib-config names all required 
libraries --- but glib-config assumes that $LIBS doesn't apply to it.  
imlib-config gets it right, though.

Making $LIBS specific to imlib is *not* a solution, however, as gnome-libs' 
configure script doesn't see vsnprintf() anywhere (it doesn't check 
imlib-config's lib list) and therefore builds its own.  Subsequent packages 
refuse to build because vsnprintf() is defined twice.

Is there any solution to this other than "if it's not Linux we don't care"?

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