gTaskbar: a GNOME panel taskbar

I have been creating a panel applet called gTaskbar.  In essence, it 
gives the GNOME panel a taskbar (like Win95 I guess, but there are 2 
rows of buttons in order to conserve space).  Of course for such a thing 
to work, the window manager must be patched up.  I have currently only 
patched Window Maker so far.

>From this taskbar, one can see what windows are open (with icons), focus 
windows and see which windows have been iconified, more features are 
very possible, but this seems like all a taskbar needs to do to me.

First off, I need to know some of the popular window managers people use 
which they'd like a taskbar on their GNOME panel for (that would mean 
things like icewm wouldn't have much of a point since it has a taskbar), 
so I can release more patches (making this more useful for people)

I'd also like to see people try this and get it working before I throw 
it up on the GNOME Software Map (and get a million e-mails telling me 
what's wrong with it)

I have created a webpage for it at:
It has a small screenshot with link to a screenshot of my panel (with my 
lucious Rocky Horror Picture Show lips on it)

If you wish to help me patch window managers for this, there are a bit 
of instruction on how to do so on this webpage, it isn't difficult at 
all to patch a window manager for this, so long as the window manager's 
source is easy enough to read (Window Maker was great!).

Well I hope you all like this, please reply to me at as I mainly use this address to read the gnome 

-Michael Celli-

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