Re: Anon CVS lag

Michael Zucchi writes:
 > Given how long it takes to get everything compiled (and thats when it
 > works first time :)  Maybe people could be a little bit more patient
 > downloading modules - its not like it even takes that long on my 28K8,
 > and flooding my link wont get it anywehre near 2x faster than that.

Yes, but some of us pay for every minute we're fetching from CVS...

Perhaps we should make it very clear to people that, *even if you have
the bandwidth*, you don't delete your copy of the CVS sources before
doing a checkout.

(Besides, if you're doing that then why aren't you fetching Jim Pick's 
tarball snapshots?  They're better compressed than CVS, and it'll save 
you and everyone else time...)

Alternatively, I don't suppose anyone has suitably-connected machines
we could use as further anoncvs mirrors?  (Especially in Europe ;-)

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