Re: Anon CVS lag


John R Sheets wrote:

> Has anyone else been experiencing some major CVS lag lately?  I
> used to be able to do a 'cvs update' and have an almost immediate
> response.  However, the other day (and the previous time a week
> ago) I was updating a bunch of modules (in parallel; that's safe,
> isn't it?).

Elliot (I think it was him...) got *very* annoyed when I did that.
Apparantly it puts CPU usage up to something like 30%

Perhaps this should go in the FAQ.

> It seemed that the smaller modules (e.g. gnome-xml,
> pharmacy, etc.) went through pretty quick.  But others never
> did.  I let them sit for at least 10 minutes...maybe 20, but
> never got a single line of text back.  (CVS 1.10)

I'm using 1.9 - and I heard other people say how yucky 1.10 is.  I can't
remember the details, but if no-one else tells you otherwise (who knows
better than I do), I'd upgrade.

> Could this be a single CVS server that's way overloaded?  Is
> there any way I can tell which anon CVS server I'm currently
> connected to?  It's VERY hard to debug all these recent anon CVS
> problems without being able to tell if a problem is site-related.

Andrew Clausen

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